Art-Inescapable: open call

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ART INESCAPABLE: unable to be avoided

What is the exhibition about?

Creative presentation over the last decade has steadily progressed towards digital technologies. After some initial resistance from both practitioners and consumers, the inevitability and vitality of digital expression in cultural institutions is no longer in doubt, in fact, digital technologies are now a central element of many Galleries’ growth plans. In this regard, the National Gallery of Zimbabwe in Bulawayo has effective 2020 embraced digital technologies in its curatorial and exhibitions framework.

Contextually, the advent of #COVID19 has invigorated the NGB to heighten the pace of digital creative expression.  Art Inescapable is a curated online exhibition by Zimbabwean artists to develop cutting edge art-making in digital still and video artworks whose research focuses on new media techniques/digital art.

The exhibition will be accessible through the National Gallery of Zimbabwe in Bulawayo website and social media platforms in June 2020. The exhibition will also be broadcast during special screenings and events in collaboration with partner institutions nationally.

 Who can apply

Zimbabwean artists that specifically make use of digital technologies in their work are invited to apply. We’re looking for short, non-narrative videos implementing the universal language of image and sound, with no text or dialogue. Documentaries of artworks and installations are not eligible.

 Submission guidelines

Artists interested in submitting their video work should upload their video on Vimeo and e-mail us the link and password with a current CV. If images are used whose copyright belongs to other artists or sources, explicit authorisation must be obtained prior to application.

Given the nature of work in digital media, submissions are open to a range of file types within one application including movies (MOV, AVI, FLV, etc.); digital images (JPEG, PDF, etc.) and website links.

For those submitting video work, clarify if the submission is an excerpt from a longer work or if it is an interactive work. If it is an excerpt, artists should include the running length of the total work. Please indicate if the work is meant to be experienced by a single user.

• The submitted artworks must reflect the theme of the exhibition or be in dialogue with the related topics.
• Submitted artworks may have sound components (artist to provide)
• Submitted artworks should not contain subtitles
• The submitted artworks must meet the technical requirements listed above
• Each participant can send up to 3 artworks for the exhibition

 Selection Criteria

  • Proficiency in modern visual art language and techniques
    • High quality and aesthetical value of the artwork

For entry form and details please contact the curator Cliford Zulu, E-mail:, Mobile: 0772896508

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