BUYA Bulawayo Young Artists exhibition 2017

October 2017

We would like to take this time a update you on the new exhibition we are showing in the small galleries on Takawira featuring the work by four young artists. Please accept the invitation to the Opening reception to be held on Tuesday 31 October 2017 at 1730hrs

The topic of cultural identity in the visual arts has dominated our creatives spaces and news feeds now more than ever before. The National Gallery of Zimbabwe in Bulawayo and the Intwasa Arts Festival ko Bulawayo has taken the opportunity to address this timely issue from the sensitive perspective of the young artists affected.

“Bulawayo Young Artists BUYA” is a 4 men exhibition highlighting the stories of emerging artists practising in these challenging times the country is currently facing, the artwork ranges from intensely personal to searing the socio-political commentary, the four artists are part of a project called Rent and Easel under the Resident Artists Development Project, identified by the Curator while studying at Mzilikazi Art Centre in 2016, the artists have been resident at the gallery since January 2017 and immediately went on to a mentoring process. Omega and Lawrence Ndlovu were mentored by Printmaker Dumisani Ndlovu, Ndimenhle was mentored by Nonhlanhla Mathe while Lattymore was mentored by George Masaria. Generally, the young artists were free to interact with any of the practising artist’s resident and non-resident artists. Most of the stories being expressed by the artwork exhibited are questioning the notion of who has the right to determine where one is allowed to live and prosper.


In a more direct form of condemnation, Omega Masuku’s technique to experiment with batik making technique on paper, a reflection of dissatisfaction with the state of the economy that has affected the opportunities for art development compared to her mentors whom she draws inspiration from artists Nonhlanhla Mathe and Dumisani Ndlovu.
Lawrence and Lattymore present unique creations inspired by collage crafted from found objects and acrylics found in negative spaces. The results are an ongoing experiment with material that pops from anywhere.
Ndimenhle created an artwork titled “Keep Walking,” which uses tight close-ups of the eyes and mouths of young women and mothers who have left their children behind in order to make better lives for them all.

IMG: L to R Ndimenhle, Lattymore, Omega and Lawrence

These young people describe their experiences at the gallery with mentors as a lifeline thrown to them, the pressure on what they do after this exhibition is being felt by both the curator and the artists. The National Gallery and Intwasa Arts Festival will continue to present opportunities for their work to develop. Ultimately the young artists will have to find a working formula and make it work as individuals.
Their statements are short as their careers however their determination in the face of utter despair are great and full of hope. Intwasa Arts Festival ko Bulawayo and the National Gallery in Bulawayo is doing a remarkable job in art development through the resident Artists’ Development Project placing art and artists in strategic spaces for growth that humanises a very polarising space.

BUYA by Four Young Artists @ Intwasa Arts Festival Ko Bulawayo this September.

You too can partner and support the young artists, this exhibition is made possible with the support from the National Gallery of Zimbabwe in Bulawayo