Currently showing this October

November 2019

The Bulawayo Queen colour: is an exhibition showing the work of  buy Josephine O’Farrell  25 October to 31 December 2019. The exhibition features 14 of her work, that are part of the Gallery’s Permanent Collection.



Also showing in the small galleries on Main.


“Emergence”, an abstract, symbolic body of work, inspired by the Zimbabwean Commodore butterfly. Appropriate in the sense of becoming captain of your own ship. It is a reflection on the process of self-realisation in relation to the way we are all bound and conditioned by societal norms, controlling hierarchies and authorities. The way we are conditioned to “know and accept our limitations”, which become very real to us. In the moment, you actually awaken to the true you and realise that your potential is infinite, you question that which has bound you for so long and realise those proverbial glass ceilings are there to be broken by you and only you, not reinforced.

If I do nothing else, then I would like to provoke the mind into thinking what if…, to inspire, even cause a smile and maybe a deep sense of knowing.

Sarah Hardy

Uhambo Luka Dialo: Marshal Baron Gallery.


Showing in the Marshal Baron Gallery until 19 November 2019

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