Message from the Director

The National Gallery in Bulawayo is a central focus for cultural activity in the province of Matebeleland. Bulawayo is the country’s second largest city. It has a brave history, and commanding landscapes such as the Matobo Hills and the Khami Ruins.

The National Gallery in Bulawayo’s policy in it has two essential ingredients. First the pursuit of excellence in the visual arts in Matabeleland, in Zimbabwe as a whole and secondly the encouragement of the artistic talents which are inborn in our peoples.

The creation of a centre where the arts can flourish and radiate their influence is never a simple achievement. Since its inception in the 1970s, theNational Gallery in Bulawayo has strived to excel in nurturing, fostering and the promotion of the visual arts.

The enterprising direction of this admirable gallery has gone beyond the static conception of a museum and has brought to life a new way of fostering the development of the visual arts. The gallery in Bulawayo is not a ‘cathedral’ but a living organ. Where the artists rent studios and are able to sell their work in the studios thereby sustaining themselves and their kindred. A thoroughly functional building accepting the present century’s static exhibitions in favour of easily and frequently changed displays whereby a gallery becomes ‘mobile’ and capable of showing any object to its best advantage.

It has always been the gallery’s vision to reach out to the people of Bulawayo. The Gallery in Bulawayo is the only community centre in the region where, each month, more than a hundred youth and community members meet tocelebrate art and artistic effort. It continues to showcase the latest styles in the arts including performance and literary arts.

Within the gallery is Sabona Sales Shop where you find that authentic African gift. The scrap iron furniture adds another dimension to the d├ęcor, the wash on the wall brings out the local zest of decoration.

The Gallery is a meeting point for artists, patrons and the community.

Regional Director