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dialogue with invited Art practitioner, interaction between resident and non-resident artists tackling issues relevant to the creative circles.

Bulawayo conversations: POWERPLAY – Navigating the African Digital Art Space

We are delighted to invite you to join us for a ZOOM meeting with Bolatito (Tito), Vincent Bezuidenhout and Isaac Karikui, Kumbirai Makumbe, Niyi Okeowo moderated by Bulawayo Gallery Curator Cliford Zulu. The five artists will unpack digital art in the African Artspace. The meeting will be held on Thursday 25 March 2021, Topic: POWERPLAY – Navigating the African Digital Art Space, Time: 01:00 PM London time

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POWERPLAY, is an itinerant group exhibition featuring artists working within digital media, moving image and technology. Co-commissioned by London-based arebyte Gallery and the National Gallery Zimbabwe in Bulawayo, with support from the New Art New Audiences grant from the British Council. The first showing of the exhibition was presented at arebyte Gallery in London, and travelled to Bulawayo Zimbabwe where it is showing until 31 March 2021 before traveling to the National Gallery of Zimbabwe in Harare and Mutare in 2021.   POWERPLAY features work by Mr Color, Balito Aderemi Ibitola, Vincent Bezuidenhout, Scumboy, King Debs, Mbakisi Sibanda, Kumbirai Makumbe and Isaac Kariuki: Virtual Reality iteration done by Christopher McLnnes.

You can see more about the exhibition here and the installation shots in Bulawayo here


Bolatito Aderemi-Ibitola is a transdisciplinary artist working primarily in performance and video. Her work focuses on the inter sections of race, gender, and ethnicity. Born in Lagos Nigeria her family emigrated from the country to the United States when she was seven years old. Her family gained citizenship and she completed primary, secondary, and undergraduate collegiate education in the United States. She graduated from Allegheny College in 2014 with a Bachelors of Arts Degree in Communication: Digital Storytelling and a minor in Political Science. She returned to Nigerian the fall of that year. She is based in Lagos where she is living and working. She completed her Masters degree in Performance Studies at NYU: Tisch School of the performing arts in 2018.  

Kumbirai Makumbe currently takes form as a London based artist who believes in the transmutation of the intangible yet experiential. They are enticed by the materiality of digitally generated matter with their work residing at the intersection of art, technology, and the ethereal. They place significant effort into speculative explorations of alternative modes of being and thinking that could negate exclusionary acts and ideologies. Their work continually interrogates the multi-dimensionality of blackness, exclusionary acts, notions of inclusion, ‘in-betweenness’, ‘caring’, and transcendence. They are situation-dependent, transform & metamorphose to ceaselessly take on various forms and maneuver through a diverse range of spaces.

Vincent Bezuidenhout is a South African born artist whose work spans image-making and investigative documentary practices. His research-based process employs narratives and histories to examine the psychology of power in relation to identity. He has been awarded grants and fellowships from The National Arts Council of South Africa, The Goethe Institut, The Tierney Fellowship, Oppenheimer Memorial Trust, School of Visual Arts – NYC and the National Research Foundation of South Africa. Residencies include the Cité Internationale des Arts, Paris and Photoglobal at the School of Visual Arts in New York City. Bezuidenhout holds a Master’s Degree in Fine Art from the Michaelis School of Fine Art, University of Cape Town, is a published writer, and has lectured widely.

Niyi Okeowo (Mr Color) is an Art Director, based in Lagos, Nigeria. Mr. Color is an ongoing expression and collection of visuals by Nigerian visual artist Niyi Okeowo. It explores themes of futurism, Afrofuturism, isolation, anxiety, exploration, and geometric structures.

Isaac Kariuki is a visual artist and writer living between London and Nairobi. His work centres on technology, surveillance and internet culture as it relates to the global south and marginalised groups.  He holds an MA from Central Saint Martins with a concentration in digital art. He is the founder of Diaspora Drama, a three-part publication exploring creative people of colour with overarching themes of the internet and technology.


Nimrod Vardi – Founder and Creative Director, arebyte Gallery

Claudel Goy – Managing Director, arebyte Gallery

Rebecca Edwards – Curator, arebyte Gallery

Edward Martin – Curatorial Assistant, arebyte Gallery

Butholezwe Kgosi – Regional Director, National Gallery of Zimbabwe in Bulawayo

Clifford Zulu – Curator, National Gallery of Zimbabwe in Bulawayo

Thabiso Mohare – Southern Africa Arts Project Manager, British Council

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Bulawayo Conversations: Shaping Visual Futures

The National Gallery of Zimbabwe in Bulawayo is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Shaping Visual Futures
Date: Tuesday 28 July 2020

Time: 14:00 Harare, Pretoria time

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George Masarira works and lives in Bulawayo

Born in Gokwe, Goroge studied at Mzilikazi Art and Craft Centre in Bulawayo. His career stretches from 2008 to date fusing his studies and trade. While studying at Mzilikazi, he majored in fine art and also did ceramic sculpture, pottery, and wood carving. His passion for fine art grew with practice and was mentored by renowned artist, Zacharia Mukwira who now is based in Cape Town, South Africa.
George became a resident at the National Gallery Zimbabwe in Bulawayo in 2013 and realised rapid growth in his work because of the new environment and levels of art practiced at the Gallery. He was inspired to change and develop his technique by networking and being exposed to different styles and critic from fellow resident artists and the gallery curators. To date, George has found comfort in abstract painting and continues to work from the National Gallery of Zimbabwe in Bulawayo which has become his second home.

In a statement George says
My artistic transition evolved as I find myself enclosed in a contemporary spectrum that influences and inspires most of my works. I am mainly inspired by contemporary unfoldings around me, encompassing, politics, economic, religion, environment, and anything that involves cosmopolitan philosophy surrounding me. I am a provoking artist as most of my art describes what I feel to be the truth. I can be summarised as a radical cosmopolitan artist.
I refrain from art which does not speak to the heart and mind because every piece by George Masarira is a result of a blend of lens captures, emotional raptures, philosophical triggers and a well thought out tapestry of hand movement and paintbrush stroke coordination- it will be a philosophical and monumental robbery to create memories and thoughts which do not change a life.
I have done exhibitions locally and internationally

For more details about George also on Twitter and Instagram. George is also the Interim Chairperson of the Visual Artists’ Association of Bulawayo (VAAB) find out more

FLEXIBILITY and ADAPTABILITY as resilience enablers

The National Gallery of Zimbabwe in Bulawayo is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting. Topic: FLEXIBILITY and ADAPTABILITY as resilience enablers

Ghislain Ditshekedi from DRC and Obed Mokhuhlani from Botswana will be in conversation with NGB Curator, Cliford Zulu.

Date: Wednesday 15 July 2020
Time: 14:30 Harare, Pretoria

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Obed Robert Mokhuhlani was born in 1980 in Sechele Village, Botswana. Obed is currently studying for a Masters in Arts & Culture Management with Rome Business School, Italy. In 2017 Obed graduated with a Distinction in Bachelor of Technology – Fine Art (BTech-Fine Art) from Vaal University of Technology (VUT) majoring in Printmaking and a Diploma in Fine Art in 2015 still at VUT majoring in Ceramics and Printmaking. In 2004 he graduated from Molepolole College of Education (MCE), Botswana, with a Diploma in Secondary Education with a major in Fine Art. He is currently teaching Art at a Junior Secondary School in Kanye, Botswana. Obed has exhibited in numerous Group exhibitions in his home country as well as in South Africa, San Diego, New Mexico and Zambia. In 2015 he exhibited at the 30th Barclays L’Atellier Exhibition at the Absa Gallery in Johannesburg. He is a member of Thapong Visual Art Centre in Gaborone in good standing. He has won several awards in Botswana including Thapong Artist of The Year Award, in 2017 and 2014. He has also attended numerous workshops locally and internationally including the 2017 Tulipamwe International Artist Workshop in Windhoek, Namibia. He is the Chairperson of a newly formed Visual Art Forum for Educators in Southern Africa (VAFESA).

Independent Curators International (ICI)


Ghislain Ditshekedi was born in 1982, lives and works in Lubumbashi Democratic Republic of Congo.  Ghislain studied painting and sculpture at the Académie des Fine Arts in Lubumbashi from 2003 to 2008.

He followed several professional training courses including: – 2003: Introductory course in the bronze casting technique led by artist Kinois Disundi at the Academy of Fine Arts in Lubumbashi. – 2003 and 2004: “Traces et oubli” organized by Asbl Dialogues and animated by Aimé Mpane. – 2005: Comic book initiation course organized by Africalia and led by Barly Baruti; Introductory course in photography led by Christophe Salumu Mulaba. – 2007: “Introduction to integration techniques in visual art” animated by Thérèse de Boever at the Academy of Fine Arts. –

Between 2000 and 2003: group exhibitions at the National Museum of Lubumbashi and at the Cercle Hippique de Lubumbashi organized by Asbl Dialogues. – 2004: from April 22 to May 22, group exhibitions “Regards croisés” Lubumbashi – Kinshasa. “Aesthetics and modernity in the DRC”, organized by Asbl Dialogues in Kinshasa. During the same year, he participated in the collective exhibition “Traces et oubli” directed by Aimé Mpane and in the competition exhibition “ONU SIDA” at the Contemporary Art Gallery of the National Museum of Lubumbashi, organized by the ‘ONU and Asbl Dialogues. – 2005: from 03 to 11 March, collective exhibition “Francophonie” at the Halle de l’etoile.

From March 26 to May 23, group exhibition “Nguvu ya kazi” at the Academy of Fine Arts organized by MRAC de Tervuren. – 2010: from March 12 to April 12, collective exhibition “Mama wa kwetu” at the Gallery of Contemporary Art of the National Museum of Lubumbashi. From March 16 to April 16, group exhibition “L’ange Volage” directed by Patty Tshindele at the Halle de l’Etoile. From June 11 to July 11, group exhibition “The fiftieth eye” at the Gallery of Contemporary Art of the National Museum of Lubumbashi. – Between 2011 and 2013: several group exhibitions organized by Asbl Dialogues at the Contemporary Art Gallery of the National Museum of Lubumbashi, at the Cercle Hippique, and at the Golf Club in Lubumbashi.


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Bulawayo Conversations – Art in society: the praxis of relevance.

Dear subscriber, the National Gallery of Zimbabwe in Bulawayo is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Art in society: the praxis of relevance
Date: Tuesday 30 June 2020

Time: 14:30 Harare, Pretoria

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As we prepare for the Elections on 30 July 2018, we invite you to join us for a Bulawayo Conversations titled LOST & FOUND. The panellist will feature some of the artist participating in the itinerant exhibition currently showing in Bulawayo, and moderated by Assistant Curator Cliford Zulu starting at 4 pm – 6 pm

Lost and Found: Expectations, Uncertainty, Excitement and Hope provides a platform for Zimbabwean artists and art lovers to reflect and interrogate the social and economic fabric in the country in light of its most recent political upheaval. Zimbabwean people in the last two decades lost their hope and expectations. Their uncertainty and excitement that manifested on the 18th of November 2017 marked a turning point and became a perfect time to reflect and interrogate what being Zimbabwean truly means.

This itinerant exhibition opened to the Public in Harare in February 2018, receiving rave reviews to its ability to convey the thoughts, feelings and experiences of the crosscutting segment of Zimbabweans who participated in an event that overwhelmingly turned the tides of Zimbabwean history. In Bulawayo, the euphoria spread as Prayer vigils took place at Bulawayo Town Hall in support of the exploits taking place on the other side of the country; a testament to the unity and resolve of Zimbabweans!

Lost and Found: Resilience, Uncertainty, Expectations, Excitement and Hope means to memorialise the events that changed the face of power and the political landscape. The experience that forged Zimbabwe’s new political and social order presents artists an opportunity to revisit and reflect upon the journey that many Zimbabweans have walked. The past 37 years showed the resilience of Zimbabweans and the new era brings excitement and hope.

The Exhibition opened on Thursday the 28th of June 2018 at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe in Bulawayo.

Also showing this July 


We welcome visiting artist from Lubumbashi, D.R Congo Gishlain

Born, lives and works in Lubumbashi. Ditshekedi, a visual artist, studied painting and sculpture at the Académie des Fine Arts of Lubumbashi from 2003 to 2008.

He has participated in several exhibitions organized by the Asbl Dialogues at the Contemporary Art Gallery of the National Museum of Lubumbashi, the French Institute of Lubumbashi, the Lubumbashi Equine Circle and Open Golf of Lubumbashi and the Consulate of Belgium in Lubumbashi .

Artistic approach

“Painting was my first field of experimentation. I was already drawing at home. Once at the academy, I kissed the sculpture.
I did some small things from an early age. My parents saw me in mechanics or electricity, as I was not too good at calculating, I preferred reading more than mathematics classes.
The crafts I was doing were mostly for wire vehicles, radio transceivers. We made machines phonies with fixed phones. The frequency was taken by the radio, even two hundred meters away you could pick up the signal from the radios, sometimes the signals were involuntarily jammed. My grandfather saw me in electronics, but I was not too motivated.
In 2003, I return to the academy, I leave the pedagogy section for the academy. I also told myself that I have a job that I could also work on and finish my studies. In electronics, I could not do that.
The crafts, I did not consider them as sculpture. It is at the ABA that I discover the recovery and sculpture, which brings me back to my childhood crafts.
Before, I attended ceramics workshops, especially with the old Kisiki who died. I also attended the academy to work with him and also Rubuz. I admired artists such as Mavinga as his series on human endeavor, but also Nshole. In sculpture, there is Disundi, Thérèse de Bouvère in Kin. She did workshops. Internationally, I really like the work of Joseph Beuys and Marcel Duchamp.
I was also in a group of students doing drama at school. I was a fan of Kadiombo. I played with Kadiombo, Manseba, Tshizambala, Tshiviela, Vital Nsunzu, etc. From this, I still have a desire to include my approach in each project in a text. It is from a text that I work, and I read my environment. I “play” a text, as in the theater. I write my own texts, but I also like the idea of taking a text and adapting it to visual arts. When I read a book, and I think it would be nice to translate it into visual elements.

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Bulawayo Conversations: sight and seeing by Olivia Botha

Join us for a presentation by visiting artist-in-residence, Friday 23 March 2018 National Gallery Cinema room at 4 pm.

I was sitting in an unfamiliar waiting room, with an optometrist whom I’ve never met before as blind as a bat. Unable to see detail nor de?nite shapes, nothing but a mash-up of colour and lines with no de?ned borders. Here I was sitting, a sitting duck.  The concept of sight and seeing initially came to me at the end of last year after going for my routine eye test. I did not expect this one to be any different from all the previous ones until, after removing my contact lenses, I realized that I had left my spectacles at home. It was a new feeling going from a state of seeing with con?dence to a state of blindness and vulnerability. Imagine meeting someone for the ?rst time but not being able to see their de?ning features. Only after half an hour of interaction could I meet his eyes and identify him – relieved by the comfort of clear vision.  For me, being able to see the human face offers familiarity, comfort and a sense of safety. Whereas when the face is obscured

or concealed it evokes mystery, danger and the unknown.  For this body of work, I am exploring the idea of sight and seeing in relation to how we understand it’s function, speci?cally in terms of concealing an identity thereby allowing for more ambiguity and interpretation.  Sight and Seeing is also a play on the act of visiting a tourist attraction; to go sightseeing. As a ?rst-time visitor to the country, I have done a fair bit of sightseeing, however, my artistic approach will not go along conventional lines of sightseeing but rather challenge these predisposed ideas. The body of work will, therefore, be site-speci?c however unconventional.  The show will consist of photographic and sculptural works. Video performance and sound art might accompany the work. There is a high possibility that some sort of installation will occur within the gallery space as a result of the show.

image: Olivia Botha (left) and fellow visiting artists from London Tamu Nkiwane (right)visiting artists


Born in Bloemfontein, South Africa,  currently visiting Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. Resides in Cape Town, South Africa. Olivia is an emerging artist and recent Fine Art graduate. Dean’s Merits List 2016 University of Cape Town, Michaelis, Gardens

EXHIBITIONS 2016 Whitewash Sasol New Signatures Competition, Pretoria Art Museum

2015 Bestiary: A Group Exhibition  Killing Two Birds with one Stone. In collaboration with Carli Bassin. Untitled Studios, Cape Town

Group Exhibition: Collective Noun. Where are you from? Where would you like to go? Michaelis Gallery, Cape Town

2014 Group Exhibition: Where the Wild Things Are Breathe Hiddingh Campus, Michaelis School of Fine Art, Cape Town


For more details please contact the Curator National Gallery:  Remember to bring along your favourite beverage to share.


Join us this Friday 23 June 2017 starting at 4 pm for the Bulawayo Conversations. Charles Bhebe one of the four artists representing the country in the ongoing 57th Venice Biennale 2017, will be in conversation with Assistant Curator Cliford Zulu. The conversation will center on how Charles worked around the Theme “Decolonising Boundaries ” and his feelings on returning from the official opening in Italy.

Bhebe is a Bulawayo based artist, whose paintings focus mainly on figurative images and their relation to the social scope.  His works has been featured in galleries across Zimbabwe, National Art Gallery of Zimbabwe, Private Galleries in Bulawayo and Harare, Private collection Livingstone House, Bard House Harare and exhibitions in Germany at the Teloy-Mühle, Meerbusch and Düsseldorf joint exhibitions. Bhebe participated on numerous group exhibitions in Meerbusch with the KunstAusMeerbusch artists initiate. He embarked on Large scale Mural projects in Germany representing Zimbabwe under the Global Mural project with Farbfieber Artists association in Düsseldorf where 10 large scale Murals were realised in collaboration with artists from Latin America and Europe. In 2002 Bhebe represented Zimbabwe on an international Buddy Bear project where each country painted its national fibreglass bear which was going to parade on major cities worldwide, the exhibition went on a world tour through major cities until 2008. He is currently working on an Art in Public spaces initiate with local artist to bring art into public hospitals in partnership with the local health institutions. read more about other participating artists here

Limited sitting, please bring along you favourable beverages and eats to share. for more details please contact the NGB Curator on 0970721 or

Bulawayo Conversations: In between the images and parrallel to History

Andreas is an independent artist, who graduated in painting and has subsequently focused on photography, installation and audio-visual art. Recently he has worked on a photo project in Albacete, Spain, and has been teaching visual art at Instituto Europeo de Diseño and at UCSD, University of California, San Diego. this is his second visit to Zimbabwe and First in Bulawayo

In 2014 Andreas did The Grass is Singing Still. A multi-disciplinary art project (sound art, photography, art film) on the relation of landscape and trauma, based on extensive location and archival research (National Archives, National Botanic Gardens and main library of the Zimbabwe University). Currently being produced in Zimbabwe. Supported by the City of Munich and the Institute for International Relations (ifa) Stuttgart.

We would love for you to join us on Friday 27 January 2017 at the National Gallery in Bulawayo starting at 1600hrs, please bring your preferred beverage and snacks to share.

For more information please contacts us on 00263970721 or email: social media

Zimbabwe -Denmark Cultural Art Dialogue

zidkad1We are pleased to be hosting the Zimbabwe Denmark Cultural Art Dialogue in Bulawayo underway from 15 November to 15 December 2015. Visiting Artists Rune and Project Organiser/ Artist Tapiwa Chapo are already here joined by local Artists Danisile Ncube, Dumisani Ndlovu and Jonathan Kaseke. The dialogue seeks to build cultural Discourse through creativity, research, publicc and first-hand local learning between the people of Denmark and Zimbabwe. we will be sharing with you the programe as we go but its an open participatory space for everyone. Artists in residency Rune will make a presentation of his work on Thursday 19 November at 11am and Tapiwa Chapo based in Slovenia will make a presentation of his work on Tuesday 24 November at 11am both presentations will be done at the John Knight Cinema. The official opening/ open day for the dialogue will be held on TUESDAY 2 December @1730rs. The exhibition is the result of a two weeks meeting and artistic residency at the Bulawayo National Art gallery Between 15th of November till 29th November 2015, the artists gather to exchange ideas and share experiences, exploring the techniques of painting, sculpture, ceramics and installation to create this collective exhibition. The project was born from the desire to create, collaborate and share experiences. It is also an attempt to strengthen the ties of cooperation between Zimbabwe and Denmark, not only by the geographical contiguity, but especially by the historical and cultural relations between both countries. This meeting is the pretext for dialogue and to discover similarities and differences, to reflect on what keeps them close or distant. Feel free to come through during the workshop 15 to 29 November and the exhibition 3 to 15 December 2015 and dialogue with the artists. for more Details please do not hesitate to contact the Curator on 09 7072,1 email: