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Saturday Art Classes are held during the School Term as according to the Government’s Calendar, in the Gallery’s lecture room every Saturday from 09h00-12h30. These classes are open to pupils and students currently studying art as a subject or individuals who would like to sharpen their artistic ability with the intention to explore new dimensions in art.
The Saturday Art Classes offer students Principles and Elements of art in order to properly navigate them on the path to skills enrichment. The class is for individuals who are either pursuing art in a hobbyist light or those who have considered to take Visual Art as a career of professional pursuit.

Register to participate by calling at the Gallery Reception desk T 09 70721 I E


As we prepare for the Elections on 30 July 2018, we invite you to join us for a Bulawayo Conversations titled LOST & FOUND. The panellist will feature some of the artist participating in the itinerant exhibition currently showing in Bulawayo, and moderated by Assistant Curator Cliford Zulu starting at 4 pm – 6 pm

Lost and Found: Expectations, Uncertainty, Excitement and Hope provides a platform for Zimbabwean artists and art lovers to reflect and interrogate the social and economic fabric in the country in light of its most recent political upheaval. Zimbabwean people in the last two decades lost their hope and expectations. Their uncertainty and excitement that manifested on the 18th of November 2017 marked a turning point and became a perfect time to reflect and interrogate what being Zimbabwean truly means.

This itinerant exhibition opened to the Public in Harare in February 2018, receiving rave reviews to its ability to convey the thoughts, feelings and experiences of the crosscutting segment of Zimbabweans who participated in an event that overwhelmingly turned the tides of Zimbabwean history. In Bulawayo, the euphoria spread as Prayer vigils took place at Bulawayo Town Hall in support of the exploits taking place on the other side of the country; a testament to the unity and resolve of Zimbabweans!

Lost and Found: Resilience, Uncertainty, Expectations, Excitement and Hope means to memorialise the events that changed the face of power and the political landscape. The experience that forged Zimbabwe’s new political and social order presents artists an opportunity to revisit and reflect upon the journey that many Zimbabweans have walked. The past 37 years showed the resilience of Zimbabweans and the new era brings excitement and hope.

The Exhibition opened on Thursday the 28th of June 2018 at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe in Bulawayo.

Also showing this July 


We welcome visiting artist from Lubumbashi, D.R Congo Gishlain

Born, lives and works in Lubumbashi. Ditshekedi, a visual artist, studied painting and sculpture at the Académie des Fine Arts of Lubumbashi from 2003 to 2008.

He has participated in several exhibitions organized by the Asbl Dialogues at the Contemporary Art Gallery of the National Museum of Lubumbashi, the French Institute of Lubumbashi, the Lubumbashi Equine Circle and Open Golf of Lubumbashi and the Consulate of Belgium in Lubumbashi .

Artistic approach

“Painting was my first field of experimentation. I was already drawing at home. Once at the academy, I kissed the sculpture.
I did some small things from an early age. My parents saw me in mechanics or electricity, as I was not too good at calculating, I preferred reading more than mathematics classes.
The crafts I was doing were mostly for wire vehicles, radio transceivers. We made machines phonies with fixed phones. The frequency was taken by the radio, even two hundred meters away you could pick up the signal from the radios, sometimes the signals were involuntarily jammed. My grandfather saw me in electronics, but I was not too motivated.
In 2003, I return to the academy, I leave the pedagogy section for the academy. I also told myself that I have a job that I could also work on and finish my studies. In electronics, I could not do that.
The crafts, I did not consider them as sculpture. It is at the ABA that I discover the recovery and sculpture, which brings me back to my childhood crafts.
Before, I attended ceramics workshops, especially with the old Kisiki who died. I also attended the academy to work with him and also Rubuz. I admired artists such as Mavinga as his series on human endeavor, but also Nshole. In sculpture, there is Disundi, Thérèse de Bouvère in Kin. She did workshops. Internationally, I really like the work of Joseph Beuys and Marcel Duchamp.
I was also in a group of students doing drama at school. I was a fan of Kadiombo. I played with Kadiombo, Manseba, Tshizambala, Tshiviela, Vital Nsunzu, etc. From this, I still have a desire to include my approach in each project in a text. It is from a text that I work, and I read my environment. I “play” a text, as in the theater. I write my own texts, but I also like the idea of taking a text and adapting it to visual arts. When I read a book, and I think it would be nice to translate it into visual elements.

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