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The National Gallery of Zimbabwe extends this invitation to Curators, Art Administrators, Art Critics and Academics in the Art field who have an adept knowledge in Curatorial practice on a global level. The successful candidate will be appointed curator of the Zimbabwe Pavilion at the forthcoming 56th Venice Biennale in 2015.
The aim of this exhibition is to give Zimbabwean artists a platform to represent their country, promoting Zimbabwean artistic talent and capability while promoting a positive country image.

The successful candidate will have oversight of the following;
• Conception and realization of the exhibition.
• Creation of the exhibition’s thematic orientation.
• Selection of the artists who will exhibit at the Zimbabwe Pavilion.
• Cooperate with the National Gallery of Zimbabwe facilitation team.
• Maintain direct liaison with the Venice Biennale organizers.
• Work in unison with the exhibition’s technical team.
• Enlist a company responsible for the shipping and forwarding aspects and establish accountability and responsibility for all objects of art.
• Liaise directly with the Zimbabwe Pavilion’s Commissioner.
• Must work in a cohesive manner with the Marketing and Public Relations facet of the project to produce Press Packs, the Pavilion’s Catalogue and Social Media Platform.
• Fund raising capabilities will be a key skill for the prospective candidate.
The event will mark Zimbabwe’s third appearance at the Venice Biennale. The Zimbabwe Pavilion will maintain its exhibition at the Santa Maria della Pieta in the sixth district, Castello in Venice for purposes of consistency.

Application Guidelines
Applicants must be Art Professionals who have at least 10 years of experience in the sector. The applicant must submit an abstract and a curatorial/exhibition idea for the 56th Venice Biennale that is no longer than 250 words accompanied by a Motivational Statement that is not longer than 500 words. Alongside these two documents must be a budget proposal that outlines the following;
• Commissioning fee of Artworks
• Transport and Insurance Fee
• Curatorial Fee
• Technical installation fee
• Catalogue
• Fund Raising Strategy
• Potential Partners.
• What they can bring to the project.
Applications for Curatorship at the 56th Venice Biennale will be assessed by a jury of experts who will be in consultation with the Commissioner of the project. The successful candidate will then be announced through the press and the National Gallery of Zimbabwe website and social network portals.
All Applications must be sent to or before the 31st of May 2014. All applications must be submitted in PDF format and if the applicant has recent curatorial projects, references and accompanying statements must also be embedded in this document.

Picture This a photography exhibition by young females “speaking hope into their individual situations”



Opening Friday 14 March 2014 is an exhibition of photograph titled “Picture This” by young females working with the The Precious Life Foundation.
The participatory photography project conducted with the Precious Life girls used art as a positive communication tool, speaking hope into their individual situations.

The guest speaker is Agnes Kwenda, Founder of Precious Life Foundation and current chairman of Rotary Bulawayo South.

Continuing with the celebration of female artists, the Precious Life Foundation and Kumakomo Arts Trust have collaborated and held a 2 month photography workshop with 6 young Zimbabwean women. The theme of the photos taken was ‘Hope’.