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Open call: How Come

How Come, is an exhibition confronting the current prevalent issues of shared phobias. Inspired by the song, How Come by Youssou N’dour, the exhibition will respond to common yet undesirable questions and situations that many people find themselves in. Questions are simple to ask yet the answers are hard to come by.

HowCome I am poor, HowCome I am single, HowCome I am sad, HowCome I have no child, HowCome we lost, HowCome they lie. 

How come also is also sends a direct appeal to the future from the time preceding major political and economic shifts that Zimbabweans find themselves in. The exhibitions in Bulawayo continues to provide a coherent role that the arts play to the present. Like the song, it continues to seek the desire for a ‘liberator’. It explores the economic potential of learning to question knowledge systems inspired by historical narratives that contribute to the current political and economic situation where we endeavour to be as a people. We continue to be interested in different alignments of knowledge and power that enable contradictions and complications.

With this in mind;

Submissions can be made by any artist practicing in Zimbabwean. Submitted artworks may fall into a wide range of genres associated with art and design these include painting, drawing, sculpture, installation, photography, video, performance, design, craft, sound and any new media. Submissions must reach the National Gallery in Bulawayo on 25 May 2019. The Curator will do studio visits between 25 and 27 to those that would have submitted. Entry forms will be emailed

Exhibition will be held at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe in Bulawayo, one of the largest and most beautiful spaces for contemporary art in the country, the preview will be on Friday 31 May at 1730hrs and run until 21 June 2019

For additional information, please contact Cliford Zulu,

NGB 75 Joshua N M Nkomo Street Bulawayo,

T: +263 2922 70721  E:




We are pleased to present the Friday Late event at the National Gallery featuring the exhibition opening titled ‘Facing Bulawayo’ showcasing drawings from the Life drawing sessions held between February and April 2019. The other events will include live musical performances and Open Studios by resident artists. this project is being hosted in partnership with http://Paper Bag Africa

The Class was facilitated by visiting artist from London, Philip Butler with great support from


The National Gallery of Zimbabwe in Bulawayo will on 28 March preview a group exhibition by the lecturers and student of Great Zimbabwe University, Robert Mugabe school of education and culture department and technical education art and design section.

The inaugural exhibition by the institution titled ‘BETWEEN THE ROCKS AND THE FLAG will open to the public in the Anglo-American Gallery from 29 march -30 April 2019 is curated jointly by the Gallery and the university.

This exhibition has been necessitated by the university’s cultural niche. The exhibition is both retrospective and introspective. It sieves the cultural, artistic, socio-cultural, socio-economic and the dynamism in all realms of life in Zimbabwe. The joy, anguish, anxiety and hope is well illustrated visually in this great exhibition “Between the rocks and the flag”, where the ancient meets the modern and the contemporary. The exhibition features works of Great Zimbabwe University Art lecturers and students. It comprises paintings in oils, watercolour, drawings, multi-media, photography, sculpture stone and wood, textiles and graphic designs all thought-provoking.
There are five artists showcasing their works at the Anglo-American Gallery at the National Gallery in Bulawayo. These artists are Mr Joseph George Mupondi a lecturer in the Department, Tinos L.M. Ndirowei is an male allrounder exhibiting paintings, sculpture stone and wood and photography. Rumbidzai Tirimboyi is a senior Technician in the department. She is showcasing multi-media art. Liberty Munyanyiwa is a student multi -talented artist. He is showcasing paintings, graphic designs and textile designs Zvarimwa Alice is female she is specialising in capturing moments. Her area of specialisation is photography.
The exhibition therefore, is a milestone in the history of the University indeed it is where the ancient meets the modern and the contemporary.

Joseph Mupondi and Cliford Zulu

For more detailed information please contact the Curators on or call 0292270721


We are pleased to see the second exhibition in 2019 titled, Pieces for Peace, a group exhibition spreading the message for peace in these unsettled times open. The exhibition comes at a time that the nation faces economic challenges, hence the National Gallery in Bulawayo, artists and other local business and institutions are calling for all the pieces to come together for peace.

In this context, the exhibition title refers to parts, portions or shares a fragment or part of anything separated from the whole, in any manner as by cutting, splitting, breaking or tearing in pieces. A piece can be applied to a person as being of a certain nature or quality, the original attributes of every soul are those of *Peace, Purity and Silence. The ecstasy of unlimited warmth gentle waves of light comes from the realms of the spiritual and if the mind is not at *Peace *then all of us will be in broken *Pieces.

Peace, it does not mean to be in a place where there’s no noise, trouble or hard work.  It means to be in the midst of those things and still be calm in your heart.  The Supreme Being the giver of vibrations of Peace, Love and Happiness. Peaceful vibrations can be practised by every soul when dealing with others or when walking past others on the street. All human souls are born into the cycle of birth and death, and each goes through its own stages of *pure *through to *impure. * When the mind and the intellect are filled with *Purity *no impurity can merge or dominate.

The exhibition will be officially opened by Prof. Mqhele E. Dlodlo, Vice Chancellor National University of Science and Technology on Thursday 31 January 2019, at 1730hrs.

For more details please contacts the curatorial team


We are pleased for the 32nd year to be hosting the VAAB annual exhibition in Bulawayo Curated by Cliford Zulu, Bulawayo Zimbabwe

Amalevuls is an exhibition putting into the spotlight the Zimbabwean events “THIS TIME LAST YEAR” weighing in on vocabularies such as ASANTE SANA, 1:1 BOND, TARGETING, CRIMINALS, AROUND, DISPENSATION, VISION, 2030, PROTEST, ELECTIONS and how they have impacted on our lives THIS YEAR. Amalevuls will make statements based on observation, scuttlebutt, research, news, lies and other verifiable sources with the bold statement whose focus is NOW.
So much has happened and so much has not happened in this context Amalevuls is a word inspired by the English word levels as a verb means –heights to raise or lower to a particular level or position, to make horizontal, to bring (something) to the level of the ground, to knock down (a person), to make equal, to make even or uniform, to reduce in number or regularize.
In the context of Zimbabwe this time last year; the word relates to the feelings and emotions, experience, hope, hopelessness an anomaly of memory, since despite the strong sense of recollection, the time, place, and practical context of the “previous” experience or Déjà vu. The show by Bulawayo artists will aim to bring all these experiences into one space were the audiences will continue the dialogue reflect and move forward with memory that will remain them of this time last year even in the next 10 years.
Entries are open to artists across the country as long as they deliver their work at the National Gallery in Bulawayo by end of day Friday 30 November 2018. Submissions must be made at the gallery reception by to fully paid up members at $10 for 2019 membership in studio 5 and $5 as entry fee paid at the gallery reception ($15) Deadline for submission is November 30 and the exhibition will open at the NGBs Marshall Baron Gallery on Friday 14 December 2018 marking the end of the 2018 exhibition calendar and artist end of year after party.
The following categories will be recognised and awarded
Overall best work
Best female artist
Young artist of promise

For more information please contact the curator, Cliford Zulu on 0292270721 or email:

JEU-VERBE a presentation by visiting artist Ghislain Ditshekedi

We would like to invite you to a presentation by our 4th visiting artist in 2018, Ghislain Ditshekedi from Lubumbashi in the DR Congo the presentation will be held at the Bulawayo Gallery on Thursday 16 August at the Anglo American Gallery. Born in 1982, lives and works in Lubumbashi.  Ghislain studied painting and sculpture at the Académie des Fine Arts of Lubumbashi from 2003 to 2008.

In his statement, Ditshekedi begins with the idea of Ishango’s stick, a replica of art at the Lubumbashi Museum, the first proof of a mathematical thought referring to the beauty of the African woman on scarification on the skin this is the work he had done for the exhibition the fickle angel, how to find what has been lost and who is elsewhere. How to create a representation of what is gone? Today, few people in the Congo know about the Ishango stick. At school, it is not taught we do not speak of a re-writing of the history of Africa from archaeological sources, from this long history of which we have some traces.

This is the “verb” part of the work that I express with traits that refer to a little-explored iconography of the motifs of rock paintings, featuring carved in skins or stone, but also in some cases as in Egypt or in Ethiopia by Papyrus. I represent them so as to be seen only close up on a black background. It is an invitation not to stop at the first glance but to try and immerse your self in what appears to us obscure and unintelligible.

The second part of the work, which is the most visible is a representation of the “games”, power play, gambling but also the simple playful expression of what remains a child in all of us. These games are a metaphor for relations and exchanges between Africa and other continents. Thus, I put into dialogue two types of values: intellectual values, African spiritual cultures that remain unknown and market values with the negotiations, oppressions and predictions that go with it. This is the work on the circulation of ideas and games. Ideas are the verb that comes to question the game, a game that often turns into a manifestation of power, which itself is a mask to loot, steal, etc.

In the colonial meeting, there is the phrase of Pastor Desmond Tutu on the Bible of the Europeans and the land of the Africans which are interchanged after the arrival of the whites, but Africa also had ideas, civilizations, etc. which are today lost. In Congolese art, there is a desire to work on these questions in a frontal way, to draw profuse masks, motifs, and so on but it may be falling into an essentialist trap, not to give in the game. Art gives us the opportunity to play with our oppressors and to return the eyes.

In my work, I want to return things market values, with their power play,  to be visible, in mental and spiritual values as seen in my work visible only in the dark parts of my work.  For me, it is also an invitation to the observer to this game into a game. When one looks closer to what is confined and really concerns him between the shimmering colours and the barely visible traces, like so much scarification on a veiled skin, never really understood about this “African identity”.

Ghislain Ditstsekedi is supported by an ANT Mobility Grant from Pro Helvetia Johannesburg 



For more details please contact the Curator, email: or call us on 0026329270721

Triple Showcase

Book Launch & Exhibition Opening:

  • Sibaqumbequmbe – ceramic sculpture exhibition by Owen Maseko.
  • Textures – oil paintings exhibition by Khumbulani Mpofu.
  • Long Time Coming – book launch by AmaBooks

Thursday 30th October 2008 @ 5:30pm National Gallery of Zimbabwe in Bulawayo.