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May 2019


The Gallery Curator Cliford Zulu was in Munich, for the Echoing Silences exhibition. Echoing Silences is a project by Andreas Wutz who visited has been visiting Zimbabwe since 2006 and was part of the international Visiting-Artist-in-Residency program at the NGB in 2017. In Partnership with the City of Munich, Zimbabwe as a metaphor Opens on 9 May 2019 at Passinger Fabrik, Munich Germany. Echoing Silences is an interdisciplinary art and exhibition project on the history of violence using the example of the Zimbabwean Liberation War and its traumatic aftermath on a postcolonial African society. The project examines and mirrors this history of violence, through image and text materials from the fields of botany, geology, paleontology, and archeology of everyday private objects. The exhibition includes photographs and texts, film and video projections, a library, a film program and introductory artist talk with Cliford Zulu, the curator of the National Gallery of Zimbabwe, who was a guest at the Ebenböckhaus in Munich finalising the History of Art in Bulawayo 1940 to 2015 research, we look forward to the Publication. 

On 6 May 2016 Cliford Zulu will gave a talk at Academy of Fine Arts Munich Akademiestr. 4 80799 München. The talk centered on the Visiting-Artist-in-Residency Project at the NGB and a brief of ongoing research by Cliford Zulu, on History of Art in Bulawayo 1940 to 2015.



– Honourable Minister Judith Ncube (Guest of Honour)
– Award Winning Nobuntu
– Business Woman Nontokozo Masuku
– Award Winning LadyTshawe
– Berry Brickle  
– Silenkosi Moyo
– Global Citizen Gilmore Tee

In partnership with Women’s Institute for Leadership Development – WILD, Zimbabwe, Paper Bag Africa, 10th District Music and early entertainment


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How Come, is an exhibition confronting the current prevalent issues of shared phobias. Inspired by the song, How Come by Youssou N’dour, the exhibition is responding to common, yet undesirable questions and situations that many people find themselves in. Questions are simple to ask yet the answers are hard to come by.
Howcome I am poor, Howcome I am single, Howcome I am sad, Howcome I have no child, Howcome we, Howcome they, Howcome you, Howcome howcome etc.
How come also is also sending a direct appeal to the future from the time preceding major political and economic shifts that people find themselves in. The exhibitions in Bulawayo continues to provide a coherent role that the arts play in history or the present it continues to seek the desire for a ‘liberator’. It explores the economic potential of learning to question knowledge systems inspired by historical narratives that contribute to the current political and economic situation where we endeavour to be as a people. We continue to be interested in different alignments of knowledge and power that enable contradictions and complications. Friday 31 March 2019 @ 1730hrs Guest Speaker, Butholezwe Kgosi Nyathi -Regional Director National Gallery of Zimbabwe in Bulawayo.

How Come will be part of Fri Day Late launched in April comprising of Open Studios, Live performance, and Food. Fri Day Late is hosted in partnership with Paper Bag,

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