Zimbabwe @40: Dreams and Realities exhibition 2020

October 2020

Dreams and Realities exhibition seeks to invite artists, to contribute their thoughts through painting, sculpture, photography and mixed media. The National Gallery of Zimbabwe seeks to commemorate Zimbabwe’s attainment of 40 years of independence through an exhibition by local and Zimbabwean artist in the diaspora. Having attained black majority rule on the 18th of April 1980, Zimbabwe in 2020 celebrates 40 years of self-determination.

The NGZ will unveil the realities and dreams of Zimbabwean people in a visual perspective of Zimbabwe’s 40th anniversary. The exhibition will aim to be seen as a contemporary guide for creative memory to everyone that played a role in liberating Zimbabwe. The attention will be on the often under-acknowledged battles, events, conferences, activities and the role of women as part of efforts to equalize patriarchal memorialization including other liberation war elements and bring out evolving meanings of soverenity.

Artists are called upon to explore the personal journeys, motivations, trials and tribulations of individuals who set off from their rural villages and townships to join the struggle. Zimbabwe’s 40th anniversary comes at a time when the status quo has begun to understand the role that art can play in the society and in the re-engagement agenda. This groundbreaking exhibition that brings more than four generation of artists together as Zimbabwe marks this milestone. The exhibition will also feature Southern African artists whose solidarity contributed to what Zimbabwe is today.


The arts have contributed immensely to the visibility of Zimbabwe internationally and as a country there is need to realize the soft power that the art brings to the image of the country. Art brings people together and it’s time to harness its impact and role and celebrate its achievements. Zimbabwe @ 40 provides us with a great opportunity to revisit our struggle for independence and the post-colonial traumas as we look into the future that will define us as a young nation. It is also an opportunity for the born frees/ millennials to add to this narrative from their own perspective.  

What does Zimbabwe at 40 mean to you?


Artwork submission deadline: National Gallery in Bulawayo Gallery on or before Friday 16 October 2020, EXHIBITION OPENING: FRIDAY 30 OCTOBER 2020, NATIONAL GALLERY IN BULAWAYO.


Works should be submitted ready for display along with the below documents in hard copy labelled Zimbabwe @ 40 Title, medium, price, artist name, Price.

Soft copies of the following must also be emailed in MS Word format to:  c.zulu@nationalgallery.co.zw

Artist biography/profile

A brief description of the work including the title, year, medium and dimensions

An image of the actual artwork submitted.