The Hideout café is one of Bulawayo’s leading coffee shops. The café is located inside the National Gallery in Bulawayo. It is a tranquil setting offering a unique experience with quality food and exceptional service.  The Hideout is an ideal spot for individuals, friends, professionals and families. It is the place for the best coffee, tea, milkshakes, pastries, cake and light meals. The café serves the best burgers in town, such as the legendary Mqabuko Triple Decker, Mushroom Melt Burger and the café’s flagship Bacon-Wrapped Burger. The Café boasts an incredible range of milkshakes, with 8 flavours to choose from. The Queen Nandi pancake delight, a favourite for both kids and adults is a speciality for the Hideout café. For more information, please visit their Facebook page here 

Hideout Café Great Food, Great People.