A unique information centre situated within the National Gallery in Bulawayo which is flourishing with a vast variety of reading material on art, making it the only special library of its kind in the region, offering art lovers a rare but worthwhile opportunity to explore, read, prosper and soar high into greater and unimaginable heights in their chosen profession or pass time.

Indeed reading tapers sharpens and challenges the mind to be even more and more creative, imaginative and artistic. If you thought you were a great artist, there is an even greater artist within you. Frequent the library , you will be surprised by the artist lying within you struggling and wriggling to be freed from within the confines of your body, for that fresh breath, air and exposure, wanting to be noticed, feeling all suppressed, shouting out loud, waiting anxiously for that first droplet of information to filter through.

Great opportunities for artists, funding for artists, the history of art, artists’ biographies through the ages, painting, photography, textile batik, tapestry, interior decorations, architecture, African art, books and periodicals, all at your disposal.

The Beit reference library strives to maintain the best possible information service to its client and hosts a lot of students, teachers from institutions around us as well as enthusiasts. The library is open from Tuesday to Friday from 9am to 5pm, and 9am to 1pm on a Saturday to accommodate those that are committed during the week.

We look forward to your patronage in the library; we are committed to be the prime, essential and integral part of your life and culture in Zimbabwe and beyond.