Visual Expressions of Matopo Youths’ Voices Exhibition

This solo showcase is an outcome of carefully considered ideas, revolving around the concept of Icansi/ reed mates, which in the cultural case of women, importantly relates to Icansi being given to a young bride as a send-off package to her new home. Each design is of meaning and of great value in conveying stories of adulthood, sexuality and virginity among other cultural aspects.

Bokani therefore chose an average common place object that is barely noticeable and fused it with a delicate glass matter that she recalls from church stained glass and marries them to new meaning: the projection of engaging colours, textures, and hundreds of lines and reflections on walls and people.

Curated by Doris Kamupira    

The Visual Expressions of Matopo Youths’ Voices is an exhibition of Matopo youths’ lived experiences on governance issues in their communities. The exhibition is a product of the Interactive Act Sessions workshop. Interactive Art Sessions were but one of the many activities (workshops) of the project titled “Visual Expressions of Matopo Youths Voices”. The issues that were expressed were mainly on bad road networks, long distance to schools and clinics, need for more clinics, high crime rates, sustainable access to natural resources at the national parks and unavailability of networks. As the youths therefore painted their grievance through paintings, a wider audience is expected to be reached whilst triggering positive interventions within the localities. 

Curated by Quiet Dube

Once Upon a Time Exhibition

This solo exhibition is titled “Once Upon a Time” from that the media used by the artist was once used for a different purpose and now brought back for another purpose. As a fairy tale brings about a nostalgic feeling about the good old days as some artworks have been crafted such that they bring back the memories of the past, stirring the desire to re-experience the gone days. Remembering the otherwise cleaner environments of the past times, the artist; Ishmael Marimirofa, turns objects of litter into artistic expressions of present value.