February 2018

Curated by Hloniphani Dube

PFAMILY AND HAPPINESS                 

 22 February to 13 April 2018

Presenting for the second time at the National Gallery in Bulawayo, Siphulwazi Visual Arts Academy 2018 second semester students exhibition 2018. The broad aim of the academy is to showcase and express the spirit of family, play a pivotal role in nation building.  The objective of the academy is to empower the art students with practical and exhibition making skills and ideas on effective communication using art as a medium.

In this year’s show, we are presenting a variety of new and previously shown work expressing different techniques and mediums as a departure from the 2017 exhibition. This year we have introduced collage and added depth in the use of acrylics and watercolours. We are excited to see that this exercise is helping the students familiarise with colour and various found objects, mostly using recyclable materials. In this exhibition Family and happiness are pedagogies of modern art within these family context family being the Siphulwazi Space and fellow students. Happiness is the expression by you the observer of the exhibition, the consumer, the critic and above all the emotions brought about the exposition.

We are grateful to for the support by the friends of the National Gallery in Bulawayo in believing the dream and enabling young talent to flourish within the Douslin house walls. We also extend heartfelt thanks to the parents that have enabled talent to blossom, because art appreciation is not for everybody.

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