Sabona 2019!!

January 2019

Dear Artists, Friends of the Gallery (FOG) and Art lovers, we are looking forward to another great year of creativity, documenting, exchanging and meeting within the creative spaces. From the Regional Director, Mr Voti Thebe and the entire gallery staff we warmly welcome back both current and new Friends of the Gallery as look forward to a great year working together for the benefit of the institution.

This January 2019, 75 on Josh.

We are pleased to host for the 32nd time the 2018 Visual Artists Association of Bulawayo (VAAB) 32nd Annual exhibition running from 2 January to 31 March 2019. The exhibition is titled


Curated by Cliford Zulu, Bulawayo Zimbabwe

Amalevuls is an exhibition putting into the spotlight the Zimbabwean events “THIS TIME LAST YEAR” weighing in on vocabularies such as ASANTE SANA, 1:1 BOND, TARGETING, CRIMINALS, AROUND, DISPENSATION, VISION, 2030, PROTEST, ELECTIONSand how they have impacted on our lives THIS YEAR. Amalevuls will make statements based on observation, scuttlebutt, research, news, lies and other verifiable sources with the bold statement whose focus is NOW.

So much has happened and so much has not happened in this context Amalevuls is a word inspired by the English word levels as a verb means –heights to raise or lower to a particular level or position, to make horizontal, to bring (something) to the level of the ground, to knock down (a person), to make equal, to make even or uniform, to reduce in number or regularize.

In the context of Zimbabwe this time last year; the word relates to the feelings and emotions, experience, hope, hopelessness an anomaly of memory, since despite the strong sense of recollection, the time, place, and practical context of the “previous” experience or Déjà vu. The show by Bulawayo artists will aim to bring all these experiences into one space were the audiences will continue the dialogue reflect and move forward with memory that will remain them of this time last year even in the next 10 years, the exhibition features the work of Nyasha Bandama, Voti Thebe, Stanley Matengwa, Leonard Dube, Nkosiyazi Siziba, Sipho Khumalo, Danisile Ncube and Shamilla Aasha. The exhibition will run until 31 March 2019.

Pieces for Peace exhibition 25 January to 19 April 2019 


Creative Concrete Workshop, 22 to 23 January 2019 National Gallery in Bulawayo from 9 am both days.

This year, PPC Imaginarium will be conducting a free workshop which will allow all registered entrants for the PPC Imaginarium Awards competition the chance to participate and gain experience with the medium of concrete.

The two-day studio-based workshop will cover the following:

•   Creative conceptual- exploration and development techniques.

•   Individual feedback sessions to refine your intended submission for the competition.

•   An introduction to concrete technologies and a showcase of ‘out of the box’ ways of making concrete objects. 

•   Different mould-making techniques using ordinary household materials.

•       How to use admixtures and additives such as super plasticisers, accelerators, pigments and fibres. 

•       Hands-on ‘making’ techniques such as mould-making, casting, and post de-moulding tooling.

This specialised workshop will focus on “Creative Concrete” and will start at 9am PPC Ltd and Chryso will be providing all material supplies (cement, sand and admixtures) for the workshop. Participants will also receive additional supplies after the workshop to assist you with making your entry piece for the PPC Imaginarium Awards.      

Launched by the innovation department of the renowned cement company PPC Ltd, the annual PPC Imaginarium Awards gives emerging creatives the chance to showcase their talent and creative thinking across the competition’s six categories, including Film, Fashion, Jewellery, Sculpture, Architecture and Industrial Design. The competition is the most supportive of its kind in South Africa and Zimbabwe and has seen many of its past entrants and finalists go on to become recognised in the art and business community.

The prestigious competition invites creatives to test their skills and produce innovative works using Portland cement-based concrete. Entrants stand to win their share of publicity, mentorship opportunities and cash prizes!

For more details please contact, Cliford Zulu on 2922 70721or email